Since the outbreak of war in 2015, access to resources, education, healthcare, and economic opportunity have grown extremely limited in Yemen. The war is fought between the Yemen government, the Houthi militia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Other global superpowers, such as the US and Great Britain are providing financial aid to proxies as well.

The war started after the Houthi rebellion in 2011. The Houthis, a minority ethnic Shiite group, were unhappy with systematic oppression under president Ali Abdullah Saleh's government. After Saleh passed away, the Houthis continued to fight for their rights; however, this time this fight encompassed Iran and an unparalleled level of violence.

The conflict thus began to tear apart society. Yemenis all across the board were no longer able to access water or food on an unprecedented level. Although resource scarcity was a major problem for citizens since the 1980s, the war decreased such access by 6 million people. Now, Children are pulled out of school and moved away from violence. Illness sweeps the Yemeni population, and doctors are unmotivated to work due to a lack of fiscal initiative. 75% of the country's population is under the age of 25, and only a fraction of the 75% attend school. Gender inequality still remains high, and women and children are tasked with collecting water. With almost every aspect of society impacted by the war, post-war growth seems a distant reality.


The US Role

Since the Yemen War began in 2015, the United States has backed Saudi Arabia and the Yemeni government. This is because Yemen holds a strategic trading point on its Bab-al Mandab strait. Seven percent of global trade and thirty percent of the world's oil passes through this body of water located on Yemen's southern tip. If the Yemeni government were to lose the war, this strait would be under the influence of Iran, a country that might use such power to hurt America.
However, the United States has been under scrutiny for perpetuating violence. Just two weeks ago, the Trump administration was placed under fire for assisting Saudi Arabia with a bombing campaign that killed thousands. Diplomats are also urging the US to try to end the war.
While we as high schoolers do not have the power to stop a war, we can help lessen the ramifications and help those who are impacted by spreading awareness.

Raise Awareness

Many Americans know about the events in Yemen, but think they cannot make an impact. Send this website to everyone you know! Call local politicians and demand change–namely state that you would like the United States to provide aid in stopping the war.


Any donation amount makes an unprecedented impact. By donating you are not only helping bring resources, but you are also promoting education and policy reform.

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