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Yemen has been engulfed in a proxy war for the last eight years, leaving the nation in one of the world's worst humanitarian crises.


One of the main contributors to the war is resource scarcity, and as the nation plunges deeper into conflict, scarcity only exacerbates. With the majority of Yemen's population under the age of 25, providing aid and resources to secure a better future for the nation is essential when identifying diplomatic solutions.

Since our launch in 2020, Youth for Yemen has worked to educate students on the Yemeni humanitarian crisis. Born out of a passion for understanding the longevity of conflict in Yemen, Youth for Yemen connects students to raise awareness for providing aid to those impacted by conflict.


Our Team:

Mina Lili Kassim

Layla Hilmi

Michael Sweeney

Emma Frayberg

Johnny Szani

Katie Bennett

Brian Pena

Logan Cogdell

Nikki Faroughi

Gail Karimi

Olivia Napolean

Drew  Polenske

Natalie Pearl

Ayanna Nayar

Iman Brin

Khadija Maqsood

Christian Herald

Tommy Mitri

Samir Mitri

Rachael Fields

Elizabeth Stepanov

Manaal Malik

Katie Liesenring

Alex Joel

Noah Alexander

Caroline Allen

Gabrielle Davis

Matthew Granovsky

Olivia Napoleon

Olivia Eads

Natalie Roots

Ella Froemming

Andi Mlckovsky

Cheyenne Miley

Alexander Bruya

Emaan Pirzada 

Mia Rossi

Ben Gershman

Katherine Butwill

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